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Your journey matters to us, do you want to know why?

Your journey matters to us, do you want to know why?

by Jorge Narbona

ruka mapuche santiago
Señora Graciela, Ruka Mapuche, Santiago

At Travolution Travel, we are an expert tour operator in organizing tailor-made trips with deep cultural immersion throughout Chile. We want to offer you different alternatives so that you can have out of the ordinary experience, where other tourists do not arrive and where you will be able to interact in an authentic way with the local inhabitants of these wonderful territories. What we want most of all is for you to have the trip you dream of.


We are team of young people passionate about tourism because we believe that encounters between different cultures promote deeper and more conscious relationships. So, through locally managed community-based tourism, we seek to promote encounters of mutual benefit. On the one hand, you meet wonderful people who teach you about their culture, traditions, lifestyles in harmony with nature and their ancestral wisdom. On the other hand, local hosts have the opportunity to meet people with other visions, they can promote and rescue their cultures (often discriminated against) and receive a benefit that allows them to improve their quality of life.


In our statement, we emphasize the importance of six core values:

  1. Commitment to the purpose and excellent service. We will be with you before, during, and after your trip, counting on our support. 
  2. We love differences and learn from diversity. We seek to promote different cultures because they all have invaluable riches from which we can all be enriched.
  3. We work collaboratively, promoting trust and putting a focus on the human. Since our inception, we seek to encourage work through networks, building bridges between all participants in the industry (local businesses, government institutions, private companies, etc.).
  4. We are adaptable to different needs and resilient to changing conditions. We adapt to the needs of travelers and to changing external environments.
  5. We respect our entire ecosystem: travelers, communities, alliances, environment, and also ourselves.
  6. We take on challenging challenges with courage and solve them with creativity and innovation

“What we want most of all is for you to have the trip you dream of.”

Señora Teo, recolección de moluscos, Chaihuin


The team behind this movement has been formed over the years by young people who dream of seeing the world change. We do not just yearn for it, we also work proactively on that transition. We want to see people, not services; we want to see souls, not faces; we want to feel nature, not see trees or plants; we want to take care of our environment, not destroy it; we want to be able, first, to develop our own awareness of our environment and then to transmit it in everything we do.  

The road has been long and full of mistakes, but also very rewarding and full of successes. Therefore, we seek to generate a network of professionals, communities, agencies, and travelers who share our purpose, who teach us and who support us in this continuous and joint growth. 

We are looking for people who want to share this journey with us.

“The road has been long and full of mistakes, but also very rewarding and full of successes.”

We know that our dream is not an easy task, but we put our effort day by day so that more people join in this titanic fight that we have against a social system that promotes the material and that disconnects us from the essential.  

The essence is our dream! If you share this vision, join this network of dreamers!

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