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Where does your money go?

Where does your money go?

by Jorge Narbona

Pesca artesanal en valdivia
Artisan fishing in Caleta Manquemapu

One of the objectives that motivates us at Travolution Travel is to promote the sustainable development of the communities we work with in our trips around Chile. This development has three main perspectives: environmental, socio-cultural and economic, which can be comprehensively covered through community-based tourism.

One area that we can cover directly is the economic one and it is where you, as a traveller, can generate a great impact. The current reality of the communities is that traditional production models such as agriculture, livestock and fishing, require more and more complementary income. There is a need to increase work opportunities, to improve their quality of life and to avoid processes such as migration.


At Travolution we seek to be transparent with the contribution that our work generates directly in the communities, that’s why we want to tell you where your money goes when you travel with us.

“There is a need to increase work opportunities, to improve their quality of life and to avoid processes such as migration.

One of our core values is a love of diversity and that is why we offer tailor-made trips designed specifically for you and your wishes. As everyone has their own preferences and travel styles, in our model we decided to separate different categories for income distribution. In recent years they have been distributed in this way:

  • Community-based: services associated with local communities, such as activities, accommodation, food, transport, etc. These are the incomes that go directly to the communities.
  • Local non community-based: When services are not delivered by communities, we seek to work with other local providers in order to promote local economies.
  • Regular Accommodation: services associated with non-community accommodation such as hotels, hostels, etc.
  • Regular Transport: services associated with means of transport that are not from community providers, such as airlines, taxis, transfers, intercity buses, etc.
  • Regular tour or guide: services of translator guides in the communities or activities managed by companies and/or guides not belonging to the communities.
  • Others: expenses associated with travel, such as entrance fees to national parks, specific lunches, etc.
  • Travolution Travel: commission associated with the management of our team and that give life and sustenance to our company.

It is important to note that within the non-community categories, we always seek to work with partners who promote a philosophy of sustainability and care for the environment.  

Additionally, we have a network of collaborations with our partners at WINTA and Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, to whom we dedicate more than $3,000 USD annually, according to the contribution received from our travelers. You can also make a voluntary contribution by traveling with us.

We want at least 75% of your money to go to local communities and/or environmentally friendly suppliers.


While we are very happy with the contribution we have been able to make to our local friends and families, we are not remotely satisfied. We know that, together with you, we can increase this impact and continue to promote the sustainable development of communities in Chile.

This is why our goal is to increase the percentage of income to local providers to 70%. In addition, regular suppliers with green policies and practices should account for at least an extra 5% of our total revenue. In this way, we want at least 75% of your money to go to local communities, providers and/or environmentally friendly suppliers. 


Your decision is crucial! We can support you in designing your trip and with our network of suppliers who are also looking for a better world. When you plan a trip with us, we can offer you the multiple alternatives that exist and you will be able to decide which ones make the most sense to you.

Go for it, contact us and plan your trip to Chile with a team that wants the same thing as you, to travel in a sustainable way!!

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