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Don’t travel, but keep dreaming

Don’t travel, but keep dreaming

by Jorge Narbona

Señora Maria from Manquemapu

Needless to say, COVID-19 has affected our lifestyles, not to mention tourism and travel. All totally paralyzed. So we won’t talk about what we all know.

The intention of writing this article is to let you know that, like everyone else, communities have also been affected by this pandemic. Some are maintaining their sustainable lifestyles, working their land, building greenhouses and caring for their animals, while closing borders to prevent infection. For others it is a little late, and they even mourn the lives of loved ones who battled the disease until the last minute.

On the other hand, as responsible citizens, we invite everyone to take care of themselves, to follow the advice of experts, to maintain social distance, to stay at home and go out only when strictly necessary. We all have a responsibility to reduce infections and make the transition to new lifestyles less difficult. We hope that these will be more friendly to nature and our immediate environment. Hopefully, you will also be more aware of the local environment.

For these reasons, we do not invite you to travel now. But know that we, as Travolution Travel, and all those who are part of this network of Rural and Indigenous Tourism, will be waiting for you in the near future to receive you with open arms and endless stories, meals, learning and conversations, and of course, all the necessary protection measures so that you can worry only about enjoying and resting.

We invite you to imagine your future journey through forgotten corners of Chile, with the magic that only the ancestral inhabitants can transmit to you. If you want help and information to dream, feel free to reach to us whenever you want. At Travolution we are always happy to help you.


You can dream! You can open the map and see what your next destination will be. In Chile, there are so many places to visit, so many people to meet, so much food to try, that you will surely not lack for options. Travolution is here to help you choose your next destination. We want you to know that we will accompany you before, during and after your trip to Chile.

Don Florentin and his family, Manquemapu

We, like you, are very eager to travel again, but while we can’t, we keep working on giving our travelers the best possible service and we keep in touch with the communities, trying to support them in these bizarre times. So then, when the pandemic is over, we can go back to doing what we love the most: Travel!

The time to travel will come and what you imagined can and will become real.

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