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Valparaíso: The community of the Jewel of the Pacific

Valparaíso: The community of the Jewel of the Pacific

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Valparaíso, the city port known as The Jewel of the Pacific and declared World Heritage, is composed of colorful hills overlooking the sea. Its architectural, heritage and cultural richness invites you to get lost in its streets. In these hills of Valparaiso, full of charm and color, various community initiatives are carried out that contribute to the rich cultural life of the city.


Let’s take a look at the architecture of the World Heritage City, walk through its narrow streets, endless stairs, historic elevators and its many viewpoints. In this tour, you will visit some of the most famous places in Valparaiso, but you will also meet the local people that live in the hills: you will taste some new flavors, hear some stories and above all, share a genuine encounter with the locals.


Discover the unknown side of Valparaíso with Travolution’s friends in a community-based tourism experience. 



  • Visit Barrio La Matriz and La Matriz Church 
  • Tour to the port.
  • Have lunch at local house
  • Visit Pablo Neruda’s museum “La Sebastiana”
  • Walk on the Alegre and Concepción hills

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Tour Features

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Community-Based 100%

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Cultural 100%

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Physical Demand 40%

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Family 60%

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Nature 20%

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Gastronomy 80%

  • Destination
  • Dress Code
    Light clothing for the day and warm clothing for the evening / Comfortable shoes / Hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen / Water bottle (At Travolution we avoid buying plastic bottles and appreciate if you bring a reusable one)
  • Included
    24/7 assistance
    Interpreter guide
    Local guide in Spanish
    Meals when mentioned
    Payment by bank transfer or credit card
  • Not Included
    Alcoholic drinks
    Contribution to WINTA or TDLF
    Domestic flights
    Meals not mensioned
    Nights in cabins run by local families
    Standard room w/private bathroom
    Transport when mentioned
    Transportation on excursions
    Travel insurance


La Matriz of Valparaíso: Our local guide will welcome you on your arrival and you will have the opportunity to visit the oldest neighborhood in the city together with Máximo, a local poet and painter. Interesting characters and beautiful views towards the colorful hills are waiting for you.
After a delicious and replenishing coffee, you will start the day in the foundational sector of Valparaiso, learning about initiatives to improve neighborhood life, such as community gardens to avoid garbage accumulation or barter spaces to exchange clothes.
We begin at the atrium of the La Matriz Church, in the area of the foundation of Valparaíso, where we will learn about the oldest temple in the city. Later, we continue with a visit to the 421 soup kitchen, where we will see how the social work is done by neighbors and neighborhood volunteers, in benefit of the homeless. More than 100 people are fed by donations and volunteers.
Then we walk through the area of Barrio Puerto, accompanied by our poet, getting to know old shops and bars on the steps of Santo Domingo Hill, the first hill in the port to be inhabited and which holds countless architectural and heritage secrets.
After this interesting tour, we will meet the 'Chinita', who will receive us in her own house, to enjoy lunch with a pleasant conversation about the life of the Buenos Aires neighborhood.
Duration: 5 hours
City tour Valparaíso: You will go through the city center through the hill area to continue with this unforgettable trip in one of the places recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage. You will continue the walk appreciating the street art that highlights Valparaíso as a bohemian city and cultural center at a national level. Together with the local guide you will visit Pablo Neruda's house museum, La Sebastiana.
* Tickets to the Museum la Sebastiana not included ($7.000 CLP). Mondays closed.
Duration: 2 hours
Included: transportation, local guide in Spanish/English/French/Italian, lunch.




Multicolored houses, breathtaking views, unique street art, funiculars and the only trolleybuses in the country are what you can expect in Chile's brightest city, Valparaiso.
The city was founded by a Spanish conquistador Juan de Saavedra in 1536 (5 years before Santiago was founded). Supposedly, he named it after his birthplace, and, let’s agree, “Paradise Valley” is a pretty awesome name to give to a city you found.
Valparaiso, deservedly recognized in 2003 as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, spreads out as a spectacular amphitheater on 44 hills around the Pacific Ocean bay. The best way to discover the city is by walking around* those hills on a clear day with a camera in your hands. Here you can wander endlessly, get lost in the countless labyrinths of alleys and stairs, but surely you will end up discovering something new and interesting for yourself. As locals say, the sea will always guide you. Máximo Marín Vidal, a local poet, says, “In a typical city everything is flat, you have to follow the map not to get lost. But not here, in Valparaiso you happily get lost in the streets, because you know that the sea will take you home..
if you want to learn more about the wonderful city of Valparaiso, click here.
Visiting Valparaiso as a tourist is quite fascinating. There is a reason why the city receives thousands and thousands of people every year. It is beautiful, colorful, in every way different from its neighboring capital.  With a guide or alone, you can walk the streets, take lots of pictures and go to the most famous restaurants with views you won't forget. How about doing it differently this time? How about meeting the local people and taking more than just beautiful pictures home? How about a community-based tour?
Live Valparaíso step by step, the daily climb up and down the hills, the daily activities, its sounds and smells.

Come and enjoy a different experience of sustainable and community-based tourism!

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