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rural and indigenous tourism in nahuelbuta chile

Nahuelbuta, the mountain range in the Elicura Valley

Nahuelbuta, the mountain range in the Elicura Valley

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The beautiful Elicura Valley, which in Mapudungún language means transparent stone, has been historically inhabited by Mapuche communities, being one of the epicenters of community-based and indigenous tourismThe valley is located in the Biobío Region, between the coast and the beautiful Nahuelbuta Mountain Range. Other attractions that we can find in this sector are the Lanalhue Lake, surrounded by native vegetation, and the Nahuelbuta National Park, which in Mapudungun language means Big tiger.


In this experience, you will share time with local Mapuche people, learn about their culture, their ways of living, their ancestral knowledge, their traditional foods and much more. Come and experience an opportunity to disconnect and rest in harmony with nature, surrounded by the most natural beauty. Read Manon’s story about her visit to Nahuelbuta.


Share this experience of sustainable and community-based tourism with the residents of the Elicura Valley!




  • Visit to Laguna Antihuala
  • Spend time with a Mapuche host family
  • Hazelnut production and tasting
  • Native forest tour
  • Participation in loom and gastronomy workshop
  • Hot water bath with medicinal herbs
  • Excursion en Nahuelbuta National Park

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Tour Features

Porcentaje Comunitario

Community-Based 100%

Porcentaje Comunitario

Cultural 100%

Porcentaje Comunitario

Physical Demand 30%

Porcentaje Comunitario

Family 100%

Porcentaje Comunitario

Nature 100%

Porcentaje Comunitario

Gastronomy 80%

  • Destination
  • Dress Code
    Light clothing for the day and warm clothing for the night / Trekking shoes / Bathing suit / Hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen / Water bottle (At Travolution we avoid buying plastic bottles and we'd appreciate if you bring a reusable one)
  • Included
    24/7 assistance
    Contribution to WINTA or TDLF
    Local guide in Spanish
    Meals when mentioned
    Payment by bank transfer or credit card
    Standard room w/private bathroom
    Transportation on excursions
  • Not Included
    Alcoholic drinks
    Domestic flights
    Interpreter guide
    Meals not mensioned
    Nights in cabins run by local families
    Transport when mentioned
    Travel insurance


Antihuala Breakfast: We will have breakfast overlooking the Antihuala Lagoon. You will taste local products including wheat coffee, maqui, natural cheese, kneaded bread, mate, herbs, avocado, among others.


Antihuala Lagoon: We will visit the Antihuala Lagoon and learn about its history with local guides, members of the Lagoon Defence Group. We will discover a waterfall and the ecosystem of the lagoon where 2,500 different species were planted, such as coigües, pitras, cinnamon trees, ulmos, olive and other native trees for the recovery of the place.


Caramávida Lunch: We are going to have lunch prepared by members of the Women's Work Cooperative. The food is made from local and seasonal products: starter, poultry consommé, pickled poultry, with the addition of cooked potatoes and salads assorted according to the season, natural juices, and dessert of fruit in syrup, roasted milk, or semolina with milk.

*There are alternative dishes depending on the season.

**There are vegetarian/vegan alternatives.

Walk in Caramavida: We’ll go for a walk in the nature of Caramavida. The tour is guided by local people. We will see natural and historical attractions in the area bordered by a river.


Dinner in Ruka: You will enter the "Ruka Tegualda", a typical Mapuche house. There, a dinner will be waiting for you which will include: appetizer, main course, pot roast with rustic potatoes, assorted salads, dessert, herbs, mate, natural juices*.

*There are alternative dishes depending on the season.

**There are vegetarian/vegan alternatives.


Accommodation: You will spend the night in your own cabin run by local Mapuche families.


Included: excursion, lunch, dinner, local guide, cabin with breakfast



Breakfast with the hosts: The breakfast includes wheat coffee, kneaded bread, sopaipillas, egg, pebre, honey, natural jams, tea, mate, herbs and other products of the season.


Hazelnut production and tasting: We will learn about the complete process of collecting and manufacturing hazelnuts, in a traditional house that will make you travel to the 1800s: harvesting, drying, separation, packaging. We will discover each stage, all done with handcrafted clothing. The activity concludes with a tasting of different products of the Hazelnut: coffee, chocolate, cake, tortillas, and jams.


Traditional lunch: Lunch includes country soup, a pot roast with mote stew as a main course, salads, natural juices, herbs, mate. All products are from the area. At the same time, members of the community will come to introduce you the organic products they produce. You can take advantage of the moment to buy what you want to take away!


Native Forest Tour: Tour of observation and contemplation of the Native Forest next to Marta's house, where the Hazelnut is produced. We will observe the biodiversity of the forest depending on the season, because every season has its own particularity. If you go during the rainy season you will have the opportunity to see a great variety of mushrooms.


Accommodation and Dinner: After dinner with your hosts, you will return to your cabins to spend the night and recover your energy.


Included: transportation, excursion, lunch, dinner, local guide, cabin with breakfast.



Breakfast with the hosts: The breakfast includes wheat coffee, kneaded bread, sopaipillas, egg, pebre, honey, natural jams, tea, mate, herbs and other products of the season.


Tour of the valley, loom workshop and gastronomy: During this morning, we will have a tour to the valley and learn various typical trades of the ancient inhabitants. We’ll earn the techniques for spinning wool, we will weave on the loom and prepare typical gastronomy.


Community Lunch: We will try an exquisite lunch based on local organic products.


Lafkenche Evening: As night falls, it's time for stories, cooking and singing. Gathered around the fire we will talk and hear some ancient stories of this great culture.


Dinner: We will try an exquisite dinner based on local organic products.


Medicinal Relaxation: After a great day of hiking, nothing better than enjoying a hot water bath with salts and medicinal herbs. Perfect to recover physically and to comfort the spirit.


Accommodation: You will spend the night in your own cabin.


Included: excursion, lunch, dinner, local guide, bathtub, cabin with breakfast.



Breakfast with the hosts: The breakfast includes wheat coffee, kneaded bread, sopaipillas, egg, pebre, honey, natural jams, tea, mate, herbs and other products of the season.


Nahuelbuta National Park: This day will begin with a walk along the ancient mountain trails of Nahuelbuta National Park. This unique place will delight us under the shadows of millenary araucarias and the impressive views of the Pacific Ocean and the volcanoes of the mountain range.

* Entrance fees not included ($3.000 CLP per person).


Community lunch: We will try an exquisite lunch based on local organic products.


Transfer Contulmo-Nahuelbuta: Later, we will be taken to Contulmo to find the transport to return from this unforgettable experience.


Included: transportation, excursion, lunch, local guide.


Elicura Valley


The beautiful Elicura Valley is located in Contulmo commune, near the Pacific coast in Arauco province, in the Biobío Region. The closest city is Temuco, Chile's capital of Mapuche culture.
The Elicura Valley is surrounded by the Nahuelbuta mountain range, adorned by a diverse flora with native trees such as Araucarias, Lengas, Oaks and Ñirres, among others.
Historically, the region has been populated mostly by Mapuche communities involved in traditional productive activities such as gardening; poultry, sheep and beekeeping; wool spinning; weaving on looms; and preparation of typical cuisine, among others.
Mapuche means “People of the land” in their language Mapudungún and it is their own initiative to make their ancestral traditions known to everyone who comes to visit. These native people are constantly fighting against the private sector that tries to irresponsibly exploit the region, such as the monoculture forestry plantations, the aggregates extraction works, or the irrational exploitation of the two local rivers that supply water to the thousands of people living in the area.
Private companies seriously affect the wellbeing of people in Elicura Valley which is one of the reasons why tourism plays an important role for the local communities. Elicura Valley is one of few places in Chile where indigenous people are able to reconnect with their true identity lost over the years due to a certain level of discrimination towards them. By sharing their knowledge and stories with travelers, locals preserve their indigenous culture and don’t let it die in the modern world.
There are many different opinions about indigenous communities in Latin America, and unfairly not all of them are quite positive. So we invite you to meet locals and learn who they truly are, what they do and how fascinating their life is.

Come and enjoy a different experience of sustainable and community-based tourism!

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