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Enotourism and rural life in Isla de Maipo – Travolution

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Enotourism and rural life in Isla de Maipo

Enotourism and rural life in Isla de Maipo

from USD $221 per person


Isla Maipo is a small town in Chile’s Central Valley located in the heart of the Maipo Valley within the Metropolitan Region, 50 kilometers from Santiago. The particular Mediterranean climate, together with the fresh and humid air coming from the Coastal Mountain Range, favors the quality of the wine produced in the area. Its wineries and vineyards make it a must for wine lovers, one aged with traditional methods handed down from generation to generation. 


This eco-tour is a day trip to Maipo Valley. During this journey, you will meet local artists, visit an authentic vineyard and various houses of locals who have always lived in the area and have a lot to share with visitors.


Travolution in Santiago is identity, it is national history that you can travel through and relive thanks to the locals and their stories. 




  • Visit Isla Maipo
  • Visit a rural vineyard
  • Rural experience
  • Visit a chocolate factory
  • Visit a beekeeper
  • Traditional food

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Tour Features

Porcentaje Comunitario

Community-Based 100%

Porcentaje Comunitario

Cultural 80%

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Physical Demand 20%

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Family 80%

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Nature 40%

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Gastronomy 100%

  • Destination
  • Dress Code
    Light clothing for the day and warm clothing for the night / Comfortable shoes / Hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen / Water bottle (At Travolution we avoid buying plastic bottles and appreciate if you bring a reusable one)
  • Included
    24/7 assistance
    Local guide in Spanish
    Meals when mentioned
    Payment by bank transfer or credit card
  • Not Included
    Alcoholic drinks
    Contribution to WINTA or TDLF
    Domestic flights
    Interpreter guide
    Meals not mensioned
    Nights in cabins run by local families
    Standard room w/private bathroom
    Transport when mentioned
    Transportation on excursions
    Travel insurance


Espina del Arte: Once we arrive at Isla de Maipo, the local guides will welcome you at La Espina del Arte, a gallery in the middle of an old family house, with Constanza and Rodrigo, artists who own the place. We will enjoy a delicious coffee under a hundred-year-old Ceibo tree. Then we can visit the gallery where other local artists share the space..
Chichería de los Mesa: After this peaceful reception, you will enter one of the original buildings of the village, the Chichería de los Mesa. Walk among old oak barrels, wrapped in the aroma of local wine, chicha and pipeño.
Don Rolando's Garden: Then visit the house of Don Rolando, who has worked in his garden for many years. Walk through this orchard among big avocados and small cactus, here everything has a purpose and we will discover it along with him.
La Era Winery: We will visit Viña La Era, a more than 100 years old vineyard closed since the 70s, that is a facility that really represents the origin of wine in the area. It still preserves its old machines, pipes and vines. You can also taste three wines in the old winery.
Local lunch: We will have lunch in a country house, enjoy the local gastronomy in a small farm, with extensive plantation of avocados, and organic garden.
Chocolate and Beekeeping: To end this day full of experiences, you will meet Elizabeth, an artisan chocolate producer and Francisco, who is dedicated to the production of honey and the care of bees.
As you can see, this authentic community-based tour through the beautiful Maipo River Valley is a unique cultural experience that is truly worth your time.
Included: excursion, local guide, lunch, wine tasting.


Isla de Maipo


In the surroundings of Santiago de Chile, there are a few of the most important wine valleys in the country. They are united by the Wine Route, where you can visit the vineyards and taste different varieties, which combined with the Chilean cuisine, make this an unforgettable cultural experience.
Isla de Maipo is a commune in the Chilean central zone, located in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, it belongs to the Province of Talagante. In spite of its name, it has nothing to do with an island, since it is located in continental Chile.
Apart from the Maipo River, mountain scenery and many restaurants serving folk cuisine, you can expect to see a landscape of colonial houses, cultivated farms, and vineyards.
Locals who spend their days doing agricultural activities, like growing lemons, apples or avocados or making wine, will be more than happy to chat with you and tell you about their life and work. And we can bring you to meet them

Come and enjoy a different experience of sustainable and community-based tourism!

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