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Travolution Staff

juan marambio equipo travolution

Juan Marambio

Co-founder & Director

When we founded Travolution Travel, we did so convinced that intercultural experiences can lead us to a more sustainable and humane development. Several years later, I am still convinced that the work we do is key to promoting this development, contributing to local communities and travellers alike.
sebastian gatica equipo travolution

Sebastián Gatica

Co-fundador & Director

jorge narbona equipo travolution

Jorge Narbona


I can’t imagine working in a company that doesn’t care about the ecosystem around it, the relationships and their impacts. In Travolution Travel we do care about all of that. Also, I have been able to continue travelling and meeting people from different cultures who teach me different ways of seeing life. I am passionate about the fact that travellers can also get to know them and enjoy these experiences and encounters.
camila humada equipo travolution

Camila Ahumada

Sustainable Operation

I think tourism is a great educational tool for regeneration and sustainability. In that sense, at Travolution Travel we have a great responsibility to the communities we work with and to our travellers, as well as to the entire tourism sector that today more than ever needs projects that focus on ecological balance and development on a human scale. ¡A great trip can teach us so much!

Irina Kincherova


Travolution Travel and I have a lot in common: we care about quality and passion for what we do, we share the same values and we look for ways to leave this world in a better shape than the one we found it in. My big objective here is to educate people about community-based tourism, so that every day more people choose to travel sustainably and responsibly.
stephanie carmody travolution travel staff

Stephanie Carmody

Sales & Alliances

Being part of Travolution has been and continues to be an inspirational journey. Knowing and sharing with the indigenous, rural and urban communities of Chile and contributing from my experience in their local development has been meaningful. I believe in sustainable tourism and its role as an educator in society. The Travolution movement expands and transcends borders and I am proud of all of us who are part of it.
Travel agency

Camila Bustos

Research & Development

I understand tourism as a cultural exchange that generates diverse socio-cultural and economic impacts in the communities where it is developed. I like to be part of a team that cares and is committed to the work it develops together with the communities. Travolution Travel has allowed me to get to know wonderful places, families and tourism projects – rural and indigenous communities – that favour tourism on a human scale.

Manon redondo equipo travolutoin

Manon Coupé

Ambassador, France and the EU

I joined Travolution during an internship for my studies in Sustainable Tourism Management. Travolution Travel allowed me to meet members of indigenous communities who “changed my life”. Passionate about cultural encounters, I believe that each trip should allow travelers to discover different and inspiring values and ways of life. This is how, in my opinion, cultural diversity, the greatest wealth of the planet, is preserved .

EXCHANGE and TRANSMISSION of knowledge are the strong words of what we, Travolution team, try to offer to our travellers.

From my home country, France, I continue to work with Travolution to promote more responsible cultural tourism in Chile.

Elisa spampinato equipo travolution

Elisa Spampinato

Ambassador, the UK and the EU

Motivated by a passion for travel and my commitment to ethical tourism and sustainable development, I am honored to become an Ambassador for Travolution Travel.

I found new allies in my trip to spread a way of doing tourism, which is a meaningful experience connecting people in a real and direct way; where new encounters are possible and the world gets bigger, when we discover and connect with traditional cultures and unspoiled nature.

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