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How to travel responsibly?

How to travel responsibly?

by Camila Ahumada

More and more people choose to live a healthier, more responsible life, and when it comes to traveling, many of us choose to do it in a way that opens our minds and expends visible and invisible borders.

I have a question for you. When you travel, can you confidently say that you do it responsibly and sustainably?

We prepared a checklist for you based on our code of ethics of a Travolution traveler. Let’s see how respectful of the environment you are! Tick all the boxes you can agree with:


I prefer a trip that allows me to have a cultural exchange (which increases my chances to have a very rich learning experience.)

When I choose a destination or a territory, I make sure that my investment contributes to local development and biodiversity conservation.

I read about my destination, the cultures I will encounter and their manifestations, the socio-environmental conflicts that may be developing there, etc. (This way, I will be able to generate more closeness with the community that will receive me).


I am always respectful of the local communities, I soak up their practices and culture without prejudice and judgements.

I ask for permission from the people if I am going to photograph them.

I give priority to local services: guides, transport, accommodation and activities run by local people (as it’s much richer if I do them with people who have always known the territory).

I buy travel souvenirs directly from local artisans to contribute to local development.

I don’t enter places if I have not asked for permission, even if there are no fences or walls.

I don’t hold parties in the homes of people who host me.


I move slowly and quietly when I am in a natural area not to scare the animals that might be there.

I respect the trails (as I don’t want to generate an unknown impact on biodiversity or get lost).

I don’t throw garbage in spaces where it is not allowed, and if possible, take it back with me. I understand that in many communities garbage collection service is scarce.

I use reusable bottles to avoid the generation of single-use plastics, I don’t consume unnecessary things so as not to generate unnecessary waste.

It usually never happens, but if I find any ancient objects (like the ones from pre-Columbian villages, for instance), I won’t consider taking them with me, as they are part of the local heritage.


I don’t violate the rights of the people I meet on my trip. I reject all bad practices: child labor exploitation, sexual exploitation of women and girls associated with tourism, discrimination and abuse of any kind.

Well, are you proud of your results? If yes, we are proud of you, too. If not, it’s also a good news as now you know what else you can do to become a more responsible traveler respectful of environment and people you encounter.

In Travolution, we also work every day to become better in how we travel, and we invite you to join us in this hard work of changing the world of traveling!

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