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Collaborations and Certifications


Empresa B

B Corporation


Since 2015, we are B Corporation, who are committed to the triple bottom line in business: economic, social and environmental, and we believe that companies are fundamental to solving the social and environmental problems we have in Latin America and the world. Therefore, we are committed to continuously improving and keeping ourselves under external evaluation in order to advance in better business practices that are sustainable in relation to our work team, business model, communities and environment.

desafio 10 x

10 x Challenge


10x Challenge is a business movement which was born after the social explosion in Chile, with the aim of inspiring companies to share more fairly the value they generate, in order to improve the welfare of their workers.

In Chile, the average salary of a general manager is 30 times that of his or her employees and 47 times the minimum wage. 10x Challenge calls for reducing the salary gap between maximum and minimum wages to a maximum of ten times (or a gross minimum wage of 22 UF).

caravana ancestral san pedro


WINTA – World Indigenous Tourism Alliance

World Alliance of Indigenous Tourism (WINTA) is a global network led by indigenous leaders that seek, through tourism, to give practical expression to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Torres del Paine Legacy Fund

We collaborate with TORRES DEL PAINE LEGACY FUND, whose mission is to enhance the long-term experience and well-being of Torres del Paine National Park and its surrounding ecosystem, including the communities, to be supported by travellers and local businesses through sustainable projects.
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