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About us – Travolution

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About us

Sustainable tourism development


Promote sustainable development, harmonious lifestyles and more conscious relationships through encounters of different cultures

Authentic experience Chile

How we do it

Through the promotion of tourism experiences managed by local communities, thus favouring their sustainable development. As a result, the natural and cultural wealth of South America is made visible, strengthened and protected.



Commitment to the purpose and excellent service


We love differences and learn from diversity

Collaboration & Trust

We work collaboratively, promoting trust and focusing on the human side


We are adaptable to different needs and resilient to changing conditions


We respect our entire ecosystem: travellers, communities, alliances, environment and also ourselves


We take on defiant challenges with courage and solve them with creativity and innovation

isla Chiloe navegación rural williche

Our History

community based tourism uganda


Uganda, 2008, the world is going through a severe financial crisis and all economies are affected by a development model that makes us doubt about its stability and sustainability. This triggers a crucial question: What activity or industry has shown itself to be resilient in the face of this crisis and at the same time has the potential to bring prosperity to every corner of our planet?


Despite the crisis, tourism remained resilient, expanding and was able to offer opportunities to both territories and travellers around the world. However, in this constant growth, there is a latent risk: in many cases, its massification and the arrival of tourists can be invasive for communities and ecological systems.


Faced with this, the questions arose: How do we prepare tourism so that it becomes a force with positive impact? How do we put into value the local tourist offer while respecting the different cultures and rhythms in the territories? After three years of a constant search for answers to these and many other questions, and with the conviction that tourism is a potential tool for generating a model of sustainable local development, in 2011, Travolution was born in Chile.
Encuentro Nacional de turismo comunitario chile
encuentro turismo rural comunitario elicura




The vision was clear, how to land it has been a constant challenge. The world has put different labels on sustainable tourism, but most come from the paradigm of the traveller (responsible tourism, voluntary tourism) or the environment (ecotourism, geotourism). What is innovative about this proposal is that it promotes tourism from the perspective of communities, their territories and their lifestyles. This is how we decided to focus our efforts on the development of Community-based Tourism, and over the years we have learned, grown and given life to this movement, socializing this idea in various public and private entities, but above all, among the communities and their people, from where this concept was born.


We are pioneers in Latin America, facilitating the visibility of this model through meetings, innovative methodologies and integrating local leaders of indigenous peoples and rural communities into the team. They have been strong voices inside and outside their villages and have achieved a participatory governance and management model within their communities. All these initiatives translate into authentic experiences for Travolution travellers, connecting them with cultures and people, and enabling a cultural exchange driven by sharing, knowing and learning from each other.
encuentro latinoamericano de turismo comunitario rural
ELTC Turismo comunitario colombia



The Travolution Network is expanding around the world today, finding travellers and alliances that share our vision and purpose. They not only want to see beautiful places on their travels, but they also seek out life-changing experiences.
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